Monday, September 15, 2008


Howdy folks and welcome to the Atwood Knife and Tool Museum. Here you'll find all kinds of cool knives and tools that have been made over the years by Peter Atwood. Some are one offs, some are customs and some are from runs of all sizes. The idea here is to create a place strictly for showing past work. It seems like there is a need for an archive of material and I thought the blog format might be a good way to share some of it.

This will not be a sales site and no release announcements will be made here. Everything shown will be either old work or the more unique and one off type of things.

I might use customer's pictures at times that I have collected on the various forums. If anyone sees one of their pictures in a thread and objects to their usage here please just email me and I'm happy to either credit the person or take it down. In most cases I do not know who the owners are and so I apologize in advance if I do not properly credit all the images. I just see cool shots on the knife and tool forums sometimes and I save them off. Some of the shots you guys get are amazing. :)

BTW, this whole blog is:


Franz said...

Excellent idea :DDDD

Francesco, ITALY

spiff d: said...

been waiting 4 this.....thx